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2013-14 Registration



Spartans players and coaches,


   Below are specific directions that every player and coach must follow in order for us register you for the upcoming season.


Registration - It is required by all USA Hockey organizations that all players and coaches must register on line through USA Hockey. Registration for the 2013-14 season is currently open.   There is a credit card payment required to finalize the process.  It includes a standard national fee of $40 as well as a "small" additional fee depending on the state you reside in ($5 for NH).  I believe the fees are waived for players born in 2007 or younger.  The steps are listed below.


            1.    Go to the following link:

            2.   Click on Register Now
            3.    Select Ice Player/Coach           
Follow the directions on the site

           5.    multiple players or coaches from the same family can register in the same session         



     After you have registered, you will receive an USA Hockey registration confirmation e-mail from USA Hockey.  You need to forward that e-mail to me  in order for me to complete your registration.  I would ask that when you forward the confirmation to me you simply include whether your son/daughter is on the elite or select team.


My e-mail address is  



This process is mandatory before you may begin any on ice phase with the Spartans for the upcoming season.  Chris anticipates teams may have some options regarding practicing or playing occasionally over the summer to get prepared for the parity tournaments in September thus we want to have this process done soon.


This process should be completed by July 1st.


This is the only outside cost you are required to pay.  We have no choice on the matter.  This process must be completed prior to participating in any official Spartans activities for the upcoming season.



Jim Thibault

Seacoast Spartans Program Administrator

(603) 868-5803

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